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Interwoven brass/ stainless steel decorative grills Real Interwoven Grilles
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MDF Screening Panels
Decorative Unfinished MDF Screening Panels Unfinished MDF Grilles
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Veneered MDF Screening Panels Oak Veneered MDF Grilles
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White Faced MDF Screening Panels White Faced MDF Grilles
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Powder Coated Metal Grilles
(Sold by the Sheet and Cut to Size)
Aluminium Decorative Grilles Anodised Aluminium Grilles
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Perforated solid brass Perforated Solid Brass Grilles
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Expanded steel Expanded Steel Powder Coated Grilles
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Woven Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Brass and Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh
(Sold Cut to Size)
Woven Brass Wire Mesh

Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions we receive are answered below but if you cannot find your answer please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where is my order confirmation email?

All orders will be sent an order confirmation email.

If you have placed an order through our standard online shop checkout, the email is automated and will reach you within a short time (typically no later than an hour) of completing the checkout process.

If the order is placed through our online form for made to order or cut to size items, this will take a little longer as we will need to check through your order to ensure correctness. This will therefore be sent as soon as possible during our working hours.

If you cannot find your email confirmation, please check your Spam, Junk or your Deleted items folders where your or your email providers rules may have moved the email.
If you still cannot find your order confirmation email, this may be because you have mistyped your email address or used an erroneous or secondary email address at order placement.

If you are sure you have placed an order with us and are unable to find your order confirmation email after a reasonable period, please simply Contact Us with enough details for us to track your order, and we will resend your confirmation.

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How do I place an order?

All products we offer are now available for pricing and ordering online.

It depends on the product and your destination as to how to place your order:

a) Ordering standard sheet products sold in our online shop to UK Mainland.
Simply press the Add to Cart button of your required product in our online shop and proceed through the Checkout.


b) Ordering made to order and cut to size products or products for dispatch to areas outside of Mainland UK
After receiving your quotation/s, or choosing products from our online shop, products can be ordered through our online order form, where you will need to type the Product Reference/s manually. (This is a simple process. You will be prompted for any information not entered.)

Related Question: How do I order Regency Diamond Brass Grilles, please click here.

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How much do you charge to deliver to UK Mainland?

Delivery to standard mainland UK destinations (including Isle of Wight) placed through our online shop checkout is £8.50 for your entire checkout order.

For Made to Order and Cut to Size items placed through our online form, delivery pricing is £12.50 to mainland UK. (This is due to the custom packaging involved.)

UK Mainland Exceptions:

  • Mainland UK does not include Northern Ireland where we kindly ask you request a quotation as for international delivery to allow us to provide you with delivery pricing based on your product requirements.

  • The following areas of Scotland will incur delivery surcharges applied by couriers. This applies to postcodes:
    All IV postcodes, KW1 to KW14
    PA34, PA37, PA38, PA39
    PH19 to PH26, PH30 to PH40, PH41, PH49, PH50
    (Please check pricing as for international delivery.)

For information on dispatch timescales, please click here.
For information on how we deliver, please click here.
For information on delivery to international/non UK Mainland and Scottish Highland locations, please click here.

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What is the dispatch timescale for your products?

Dispatch timescales vary depending on the product and are stated on the product page alongside the delivery van graphic.

We will do our very best to dispatch your goods promptly and reduce the stated timescales if possible. Most orders are usually sent much sooner but please allow up to the timescale stated.

(International delivery is usually just a few working days longer than UK mainland delivery.)

Please Note

  • All timescales stated commence from when payment has cleared.

  • Orders placed during weekends and holidays will not be received until the following working day. Timescales therefore commence from this time.

  • Where larger quantities are required, stated timescales may be exceed.

For information on how we deliver, please click here.
For information on delivery charges, please click here.
For information on delivery to international/non UK Mainland and Scottish Highland locations, please click here.

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How do you deliver? 

All deliveries are sent via external courier services.

A tracking email will be sent upon dispatch containing your consignment number and a link to the courier's website tracking page where you can check on delivery progress and interact with delivery.

As with all couriers, they will use the standard courier card drop system.
If when delivering the couriers obtain no response, they will leave a card for you to contact them to agree re-delivery. They may also leave with a neighbour that is happy to hold the delivery for you.

Please Note:

  • We cannot ask special requests of the courier on your behalf. These will need to be performed by the customer through the tracking information provided after dispatch.

For information on timescales, please click here.
For information on delivery charges, please click here.
For information on delivery to international/non UK Mainland and Scottish Highland locations, please click here.

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Do you deliver internationally / outside of Mainland UK?

Includes all of Ireland and for the purposes of obtaining possible delivery surcharges, Scottish postcodes starting: IV, KW1 to KW14, PA34, PA37, PA38, PA39, PH19 to PH26, PH30 to PH40, PH41, PH49, PH50)

The majority of our products are available for international delivery.

We deliver internationally on a daily basis and it is a simple process to place an order.

International delivery charges are based on the destination and the weight and dimensions of your items and start at around £40 (GBP) to Ireland, the EU, USA and Canada but may be considerably more to other areas (Charges to New Zealand and Australia for example, may be in excess of goods value for smaller orders).

If you are happy with the product pricing in our online shop or by use of our online calculators, please send us the details of your items of interest using our International Delivery Pricing Request Form. This will provide us with the information needed to calculate delivery and reply with pricing.

If you would like to proceed with a purchase, orders can be placed by use of our Online Order Form.

We will confirm your order by email once received and checked along with a paid invoice and order reference.

Once dispatched, we will send you a tracking email to enable you to monitor delivery progress.

Our international couriers will usually deliver your order within 2 working days of dispatch.

Please Note:

  • As with all goods shipped between countries, taxes may apply. Any customs duties and taxes that may be incurred through export of purchased goods, would be billed to the customer by the appropriate bodies and not by us.

  • Investigation of any possible customs duties and taxes payable is a matter for the customer.

For information on timescales, please click here.
For information on how we deliver, please click here.
For information on delivery charges, please click here.

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Do you have a brochure you can send?

Sorry but we no longer offer a printed brochure.

Due to constant changes in our product range and extensive online access, we believe that the website is the most reliable way to view and choose our products.
The advantage of the website is that it is always up-to-date and allows you to click and enlarge the images to provide a more detailed view.
Of course, if you wish to, you may print a particular web page from your Internet browser.

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How do I obtain pricing?

All pricing is available via our website and displayed either directly on the product page in our online shop or by following a link / button to a pricing calculator from the product page if it is a made to order product or available as a cut to size item.

Please let us know if you require any assistance with pricing. 

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What sheet dimensions do you offer in your perforated and expanded decorative grille ranges?

(This is not applicable to Made to Order grilles or Wire Mesh which are not perforated sheet grilles and are supplied to your requested size.)

Please view the table below which summarises available sheet sizes.

Standard Sheet Sizes for Perforated Sheet Grilles

Product / Size1000mm x 660mm
(Approx. 3'3" x 2'2")
1220mm x 914mm
(Approx. 4' x 3')  
1830mm x 610mm
(Approx. 6' x 2')
Available Cut to Size
Unfinished MDF Grille SheetsNONOYESNO
White Faced MDF Grille SheetsNONOYESNO
Oak Veneered MDF Grille SheetsNONOYESNO
Anodised Aluminium Perforated Grille SheetsYESNONOUp to 1800mm x 960mm
Powder Coated Metal Perforated Grille SheetsYESNONOUp to 1800mm x 960mm
Solid Brass Perforated Grille SheetsYESNONOUp to 1800mm x 960mm
Expanded Steel Mesh SheetsNOYESNONO

Please Note: Most grille sheets have some unpatterned area around the edge where the design cannot be stamped. This is stated in the notes on the product's page.

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Can you cut the perforated sheet grille I require?

(Not applicable to Made to Order grilles, or Wire Mesh which are not perforated sheet grilles and already made to your required size.)

If a perforated sheet grille is available as Cut to Size, it will be stated in the details on the product page and there will be a link on the page that will take you to a pricing calculator to obtain your cut to size prices, with the option to order. Otherwise it is sold only in the sheet size/s shown.

Please Note:
It is unnecessary to take sheet size or the number of sheets that we require to perform the task into consideration.

All that is needed to be aware of, is that the maximum size of any cut piece we can supply is 1800mm x 960mm.

Simply enter your sizes and quantities into the calculator and it will perform the pricing for you:

Perforated Aluminium and Steel Pricing Calculator

Perforated Solid Brass Cut to Size Pricing Calculator

When we cut grilles to size, the pattern is centred both horizontally and vertically and any unpatterned area of the grille sheet is removed. A perforated grille cut to your requested size, will therefore be all pattern to the edges.

When entering your required sizes, remember to include enough additional grille to fix through at the edge if required (typically a minimum of 10mm extra all around to overlap radiator cover openings and other apertures).

General Notes:

  • Our cutting produces edges that are "raw" cut and not intended for display. In most applications the edge is hidden. 

  • No off cuts are supplied. Pricing is for the cut pieces supplied only.

  • We cannot state which part of the pattern will become the edge.

  • Multiple pieces of the same size will be cut to match (when processed on the same order).

  • Cutting tolerances are +/- 2mm per supplied dimension.

  • If you can cut the sheets yourself and have calculated that you will obtain a preferable price by purchasing uncut sheet/s, then please purchase the amount of standard sheets you require through our online shop checkout.

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How do I cut grilles myself?

(This is general advice for your assistance if required and not specific instructions or a request for you to follow any particular method of cutting.)

Made to order grilles Regency, Georgian and Interwoven, cannot be cut by the customer and are made to your requested size.

Only perforated grille sheets, would require cutting to size and are approx. 1mm in thickness for metal and approx. 4mm for mdf.

Cutting can easily be performed with tin snips if metal or a hacksaw, Stanley knife or similar, if mdf.

MDF based grilles can be cut by simple use of a Stanley knife or similar. Use a straight edge and cut a long the same line a number of times. (A number of repeated low pressure cuts tends to be more accurate and easier than one hard pressure cut that may veer off the line.)

Tin snips for metal cutting can be purchased very cheaply from you local DIY store or online.

An example of tin snips can be found at Amazon by Clicking Here.

We cut with an industrial guillotine. The only difference between our cutting and the customers, is that your cut may not be as "clean" or straight.

Our cutting also produces edges that are "raw" cut and not intended for display. In most applications the edge is hidden.

Choose the best sheet size for the size and quantity of grilles you require.

Wire mesh on its own e.g. MEB/FM can be cut with sturdy scissors.

If you would like us to cut to size for you, please see the question above.

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Do you offer grille samples?

We believe that the grille images on this website are very representative of their look but we can send you a small sample of grille if it is available as a sample.

Samples average a size of approx. 80mm x 80mm (3 inches square) dependent on the product.

We have most perforated sheet grilles and wire mesh available as stock samples.

Made to order grilles such as Regency, Georgian and Interwoven, are not available in every possible design as stock samples, as these are made to order products with many style combinations.
You may therefore be sent the closest match or a combination to allow visualisation from our current selection of stocked samples.

If you require a specific sample of a made to order grille that is not available from our current stock of samples (please check with us) and a combination of samples for visualisation is not suitable, the only option is for us to manufacture a sample for you and this would be classed as an order.
This would therefore need to purchased through the usual quotation and purchasing process (min cost is for 1 sq foot).

Stock samples are free to UK mainland but international delivery would need to be charged to cover courier costs.

Sample Summary:

  • Stock samples and delivery are free to UK Mainland addresses.

  • We charge delivery to send stock samples internationally to cover courier costs. This charge is usually £20 (GBP) depending on weight and destination.

  • If we do not have a sample of the actual grille available, we may send you a combination of finish and design to allow visualisation.

  • Stock samples are pre-existing and therefore cannot be requested to the customers size.

  • Request your sample by contacting us stating the Product Reference.

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Is there pattern all the way to the edge?

All perforated grilles purchased in their stated sheet sizes, will have a small amount of unpatterned edge border where the pattern cannot be punched.
This is typically around 10mm and is indicated in the notes on the product page.

Made to order and cut to size grilles will be all pattern to the edge.

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Why do you sometimes say metal grilles, other times aluminium and steel?

We say metal when the grille category in our shop includes a mixture of aluminium and steel grilles.

We tend to categorise grilles by their finish. Anodised finishes can only be applied to aluminium. However, powder coating is available to both aluminium and steel grilles, so we just say metal to include both.

In summary, metal means the product category may contain a mixture of aluminium and steel grilles.

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What is an anodised finish?

Anodising is an electrochemical process that changes an aluminium surface into an attractive finish in a choice of colours that is easy to maintain, durable, corrosion resistant and light-fast.

We offer a selection of attractive anodised finishes that we have found to be most popular with our customers.

Please find our anodised finish grilles here.

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What is a powder coated finish?

Powder coating is a process where a dry powder polymer is spray applied and electrostatically attracted to the item to produce an even coating which is then heat cured to give a hard wearing decorative finish.

The advantage over standard paint finishes is that it does not require chemical spray solvents and is therefore more environmentally friendly and allows a much thicker coating without paint runs or sagging.

We offer a selection of attractive powder coated finishes that we have found to be most popular with our customers.

Please find our powder coated finish grilles here.

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Why do you clear lacquer brass? / Will brass tarnish?

All brass is susceptible to tarnishing over time. Brass grille products can be sprayed with a fine clear lacquer coating to help maintain their appearance and resist tarnishing.

How and if brass will change in appearance without clear lacquering cannot be predicted and depends on the environment it is in, whether it is touched, etc.

Brass may look the same for years with hardly any change at all.

Our perforated brass sheet grilles and brass wire mesh can be chosen to have a clear lacquer applied using the lacquering choice selector.

Made to order natural brass products such as Regency, Georgian and Interwoven grilles are clear lacquered by default to maintain their appearance but can be requested to be unlacquered by adding a note in the Comments box of the order form.

Clear lacquering is recommended for long term resistance to tarnishing. However, this is a personal preference.

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Can you provide an antique finish to your perforated brass sheets?
(Antiquing information for made to order grilles is provided on their respective product pages)

Yes. However, antiquing is a process that adds expense and an additional 1 week delay to your order.

If you would like to antique our perforated brass yourself, there are antiquing fluids available such Tourmaline, that can be applied.

You will need to order your grille "unlacquered" and once treated, clear lacquer protect to fix the finish.

(This information is provided as an overview to assist our customers. Full instructions are available from the suppliers of these products and must be adhered to.)

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How do I order Regency Diamond Brass grilles?

Regency diamond brass grilles are made to order by hand to your required size.

The base metal is always brass, which can be plated or treated to offer other finish options.

Pricing depends on many factors including style, size and quantity.

Our Regency Webpage shows just some of the many combinations that can be chosen within the range.
The Specifying Table at the bottom of the Regency page shows how to specify your own combination.
Our Technical Notes at the bottom of the Regency page gives construction and fitting information.
Our Pricing Calculator allows you to obtain pricing with the option to order.

We have provided instant pricing calculators for both metric (mm and cm) and imperial (inches) that will allow you to experiment with choices and design a grille that suits your requirements and budget.

If you wish to place an order, orders can be placed using our Order Form.

Please Note: If delivery is outside of mainland UK, you would need to obtain an International Delivery Pricing Request.

(For further information on international delivery please click here.)

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Can I collect my grilles order from your premises?

Our workshop facilities do not permit customer collection.

All deliveries are sent via third party (external) courier services at subsidised rates.

For further information on how we deliver, please click here.

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What is a Special Order Product?

A Special Order product is a product that we do not hold in stock and is ordered from our suppliers upon your request.

We have only a few special order products which are perforated sheet grilles and they are labelled as such on the product page.

Special order products have a 20% restocking fee if returned as we will have to send them back to our supplier.

The estimated timescales for dispatch are shown on the product page.

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Can I obtain a VAT Invoice?

We are a VAT registered company.

All orders placed online will receive an email as receipt of your order. (Not received? Click Here)

Orders placed through our online shop have the additional option check box to request a VAT invoice.

If checked, this will be emailed to you as an attachment to your tracking email.

For made to order and cut to size products, you will receive a paid invoice in advance of goods with your order confirmation.

VAT invoices can be requested at a later date if supplied with the order number and other relevant details but please check first with the person who placed the order who should have already received a copy.

(Our VAT and Company Number can be found at the bottom of all pages in our online shop)

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Do your supply frames for your grilles?

No fixings, beading or framing is supplied as standard with any of our decorative grilles or mesh.

In by far the majority of applications, grille edges are hidden behind your aperture and framing is not required.

We can manufacture custom brass frames made from solid brass that can be plated or treated to match our perforated brass and made to order grille range finish options.

If you require a custom brass frame this would be an expensive addition.

Please contact us for details.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

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